Alpaca Poncho

Peruvian alpaca poncho

The poncho

The poncho is a traditional piece of clothing from South America, now known and widespread throughout the world.
It is especially appreciated for its ease of use and versatility in combining with other garments.
Over the years, fashion designers have indulged in creating new variants of the "classic" poncho: short or long, cape, triangular or rectangular, elegant or sporty, with fringes, white, solid color or with colorful motifs, with hood, turtleneck or V-neck.
The poncho has thus become an item of clothing for all occasions. You can take it on a mountain hike or throw it on your shoulders for a walk along the seafront on a cool summer evening. You can wear it for a stroll around town, but you can also wear it on a ride. It obviously depends on the type of poncho and, above all, on the fabric.
Another great advantage of the poncho is that a one-size, one-size-fits-all piece of clothing. It therefore adapts perfectly to the female silhouette, today as yesterday ... but above all tomorrow! ☺

What are the characteristics of the Peruvian poncho in alpaca wool?

Alpaca wool is renowned for its high quality fiber, which does not felts and does not cause allergies, as it is lanolin-free. This type of wool, very warm and precious, is obtained from the shearing of the alpaca, an animal native to the Peruvian Andes.
Alpaca wool is used in Peru above all for the weaving of ponchos, boleros, sweaters, dresses, hats, but also blankets. Due to its width and its thermal properties you can also wear the Peruvian poncho over a sweater, instead of a jacket.

The other characteristic of the Peruvian poncho is the typical ethnic style, which has its roots in the Inca textile tradition. It is a traditionally very colorful garment. Peruvian tailors often apply fabric inserts in colorful colors, depicting elements of nature, scenes of everyday life or even simple geometric shapes.

Find the right combinations with the women's poncho

The poncho, depending on the style of cut and color, can be combined with different items of clothing. It fits perfectly with casual clothing, such as trousers or a denim skirt. In combination with trousers or a classic skirt, it gives an unmistakable touch of elegance to the female figure.
Very interesting (and sexy!) Is also the combination of a light-colored, beige or white poncho, with leather or eco-leather trousers. Alternatively with black leggings or leggings. Choosing the right handbag may seem difficult at first glance: if you want to play on the contrast, you could combine a dark poncho with a women's bag in light leather. Also consider combining it with fabric bags, such as a very colorful wool shoulder bag. Without forgetting the accessories: earrings and necklaces. Ours, in Peruvian ethnic style, are in horn or in silver with inlaid stones. An irresistible mix of elegance with a rebellious and slightly jaunty look.


Handmade Alpaca Poncho

The weaving, cutting and packaging of our ponchos takes place in a completely artisanal way in the Peruvian Andes. For coloring, only organic and sustainable materials are used, which let your skin transpire naturally. For this reason our ponchos, like all La Mamita clothing items, are 100% ecological fashion products.

Summer or winter, it's always Poncho time!

The poncho is a garment that can be worn in all seasons of the year.
Normally the wool poncho, preferably alpaca, is worn in autumn and winter, while the cotton poncho is worn especially in spring and summer.
In summer it can be worn over a t-shirt or cotton dress. In winter over a jacket, a suit or in place of a jacket, over a sweater of a cardigan when the temperature is not very cold.

But is the alpaca poncho also a garment for men?

Yes, even if in Europe it is mainly worn by women. In Peru and South America, on the other hand, many men also wear it, who appreciate its versatility. It is an integral part of their culture.


Is the poncho a suitable item of clothing for kids too?

Of course! The main reason is the practicality with which they wear it. Kids, especially when they are playing outside, often take off their jacket or sweater because they are hot. This is normal because I am always in a rush. But then unfortunately they "forget" to put them back. The result? A good cold! Kids love the poncho because it is a very practical garment to wear, it allows them great freedom of movement and above all… it has no zippers or buttons!