Alpaca hooded poncho

Hooded poncho 100% alpaca wool

The alpaca poncho is original and comfortable

The alpaca wool poncho is a typical garment of South America, known and widespread all over the world since the 70s. Its practicality and versatility have made it known and appreciated by all.
Today, we find many models of ponchos: short or long, cape, triangular or rectangular, elegant or sporty, with fringes, plain colors or with ethnic motifs. There are ponchos with hoods, turtlenecks or V-necks.

The poncho is an item of clothing suitable for all occasions

A wool poncho can be worn during a hike in the mountains, for a ride, for a walk in the center, to go to a party. This is the beauty of the poncho, a timeless piece of clothing. On this catalog page, you will find various models of hooded ponchos.

Alpaca wool poncho, a predominantly Unisex item of clothing!

Generally the poncho is a UNISEX garment, suitable for women, men, boys and girls. Comfortable to wear it is in fact very practical even for children who love the spirit and the sense of freedom that the poncho gives them.
Do you want to give a gift to a child? Check out the alpaca ponchos for kids


What are the characteristics of LaMamita's alpaca ponchos?

First of all the material, alpaca wool, a completely natural and high quality fiber. Alpaca wool is used in Peru for the weaving of ponchos, sweaters, dresses, hats, scarves, gloves and even blankets. Due to its workmanship, the Peruvian poncho can also be comfortably worn over a coat or jacket. A feature of the Peruvian poncho is the refined ethnic style, which finds its roots in the Inca textile tradition.