Short poncho

Ethnic ponchos in alpaca wool

Short poncho made of alpaca wool

The elegant winter poncho is a beautiful piece of clothing, old and modern at the same time. The poncho can wrap loosely around you and gently fall over your shoulders, or it can be short like a cape. In our catalogs you will find various models of women's short poncho made of alpaca wool.

Crochet ponchos, elegant and refined

In this part of the catalog you will find handmade crochet ponchos in Peru. When a poncho is crocheted, it is unique, no two ponchos are alike.

Alpaca wool poncho scarf

The poncho is a comfortable, very original and always fashionable piece of clothing that is a pleasure to wear. Since you spend a lot of time indoors in winter so as not to take away the joy of the alpaca poncho, LaMamita has created perforated ponchos that are made with simple threads and can also be safely worn indoors. The surprise is that your alpaca poncho doesn't stay at home when you go out, but turns into a warm and enveloping scarf.

Short poncho, simple but perfect

You will be amazed at how versatile LaMamita clothing is. In this catalog you will find models of cape ponchos that transform into an elegant and sophisticated alpaca skirt! What more could you want from a poncho or a skirt?

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Poncho and handmade alpaca clothing

Like all our winter clothing, our ponchos are made entirely by hand in the Peruvian Andes. The coloring of the alpaca wool is obtained from extracts of herbs, flowers and roots. Alpaca wool is a sustainable, organic fiber that allows your skin to breathe naturally.