Boho chic clothing online

Boho chic clothing

Boho-chic is the union of two terms: Boho, short for bohemian, a definition for the non-conformist lifestyle of 19th century artists, and chic, a French word that stands for elegance and sophistication. The fashion style Bohemian Chic was born in the beginning of 2000 and is a fusion of different 70s styles such as hippie, folk and country. The boho chic clothing is a modern reinterpretation of various retro styles that have become more and more trendy in recent years. Ideal as a summer look, even if beautiful boho chic outfits can also be created for winter!

Boho chic clothing

Boho-chic clothing is a style that prefers natural materials: cotton, wool, metal, stones, shells and leather are the most suitable materials to create a bohemian look. In order to increase the effectiveness of the bohemian style, it is enough to use small characteristic details such as the use of clothes with natural colors, with ethnic patterns or dyed with the technique of tie-dye. If we then choose garments decorated with fringes, pearls, lace or crochet embroidery, we get a magnificent result: a bohemian look that is practically perfect!

Bohemian look

What are the clothes to get a boho look or a boho chic style? Let's look at them in detail: long, loose and fluttering skirts and dresses are the basis of Boho women's clothing. By changing from wide skirts to short, tight-fitting skirts, combined with sweaters or loose tops and vice versa, different styles can be created. Nonetheless, a bohemian chic look is created with long, evenly flared trousers or short shorts, paired with a fabulous wide blouse or a short top. As already mentioned, the choice should fall on items of clothing that are decorated with flounces, lace, embroidery or fringes.

Bohemian chic dresses

In our online shop you will find bohemian dresses of excellent workmanship and quality, boho chic dresses designed to be unique and timeless!

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Boho clothing for men

The Boho -Clothes men find their balance by switching from delicate garments in plain colors combined with colorful clothes with an ethnic appeal:

  • bohemian shirt for men or boho chic shirt for men with a simple but perfect cut
  • Bermuda shorts 
  • long trousers with an ethnic pattern

To create a winter boho outfit, the must - have item of clothing for men is a wool cardigan, which is combined with jeans and a shirt. In the area of Boho-Clothing for men LAMAMITA offers a wide range of alpaca cardigans, wool of the best quality available on the market.

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Boho Chic Baby - Boho-Chic look for children

Children cannot be outdone , a boho chic look for kids is easy to make and most importantly, comfortable to wear. The width of the clothing promotes the child's freedom of movement and the natural fabrics respect their skin.

In summary, the most important points to achieve a boho chic look are:

  • Choose clothes made from natural fabrics 
  • Combine plain colors with ethnic patterns
  • Switch between fixed and loose mounting
  • Opt for sweaters with flared sleeves and wide trousers

Bohemian accessories

With the larger selection of women's and men's clothing, the key to the perfect boho-chic outfit lies in the accessories, which allow everyone to individually design their look and make it unique. Accessories are the key with which we can personalize our bohemian look. To create a perfect boho- style outfit, we need to balance the accessories and coordinate them with each other. The must - have accessories to bring the boho chic style to life are:

  • Colorful bracelets also on the ankles
  • boho chic necklaces in addition to being called bohemian necklaces
  • dangling earrings made from natural materials 
  • Foulards, and scarves also for styling the hair
  • Wide-brimmed hats or headbands
  • Colorful bags also decorated with flowers, ethnic fantasies or fringes
  • Belts with ethnic references 

Sandals or shoes, preferably made of leather

Boho-chic style house

Furnishing in a boho-chic style? It is the ideal facility for anyone who likes to travel and always feels like one  
Adventure even when you are at home.
The basic idea of this furnishing style is to give the apartment a nomadic touch that is reminiscent of distant countries, trips or just dreams. The connection to vintage and retro is evident in this bohemian style and finely combined with elements of the ethnic and exotic style make the house unique.

Some tips for setting up in a boho chic style:

  • Alternate soft earth tones with light colors and use brightly colored fabrics to cover wooden or wicker furniture or to decorate walls and windows.
  • Combinations of vintage, hippie and ethno: decorate a vintage sofa with colorful cushions
  • Recreate the surroundings of your travels or dreams: for example by hanging up a comfortable hammock