Children's sweaters and cardigans

Alpaca wool sweaters and cardigans for kids

The processing of our alpaca wool sweaters and jackets is done by hand and only with natural products.

You will not find any chemicals in the fabric of our clothes (e.g. no polyester!). The natural textile fibers in our natural fashion come from ecological and environmentally friendly agriculture that is carried out in the Peruvian Andes. For the bleaching we use vegetable dyes based on:

  • Herbs
  • roots
  • flowers

In addition, our sweaters, cardigans and bolero have buttons in painted ceramic or coconut. Of course, you can also buy our eco-friendly and handmade buttons separately.

ceramic buttons

All of our children's clothing is handcrafted from 100% fine pure alpaca wool. Look at our baby clothes:


The sweaters, cardigans, dresses, skirts, ponchos and all the winter accessories from our alpaca wool collection can be safely washed at home and remain the same over time. For this reason, the alpaca sweater and any other item of clothing you bought for your first child can also be worn by your second child and grandchildren. A conscious purchase that lasts over time.