Alpaca ponchos

Ponchos in alpaca wool - Winter clothing of alpaca wool

The alpaca poncho

The poncho is a traditional American item of clothing, known and widespread throughout the world for years.
It is appreciated by both men and women, for its ease of use and versatility in combining with other garments.
Over the years all the fashion designers have indulged in creating new variations of the "classic poncho": triangular poncho typically Peruvian and Bolivian and rectangular poncho, a Mexican poncho style

Mexican style rectangular poncho

The rectangular poncho became famous thanks to the well-known 1960s film "The good the bad and the ugly" starring the famous actor director Clint Eastwood.

In this splendid film, he wore a typical Mexican poncho, practical and comfortable even for riding.

The characteristics of the alpaca poncho

Alpaca wool is renowned for its high quality fiber, it does not felts and does not cause allergies, as it is lanolin-free. The very warm and precious alpaca wool is obtained from the shearing of the alpaca, an animal that is still raised, in full freedom, in its place of origin: in Peru, on the Andes plateau. Alpaca wool is used to weave ponchos, sweaters, cardigans, hats, scarves, gloves, socks and blankets.

The other characteristic of the Peruvian poncho is the typical ethnic style

The Peruvian poncho has its roots in the Inca textile tradition, a traditionally very colorful garment which, revised by the LaMamita stylists, is now available in natural colors such as black, brown, white or in colors of vegetable origin. The vegetable colors give the pleasure of wearing a colorful but sober poncho.

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