Our natural ethnic alpaca wool fashion: ecological and sustainable

Our ethnic-style clothing for men, women and children is made of natural alpaca wool fibres. Our alpaca wool comes directly from the Peruvian Andes. Alpaca wool feels comfortable against the skin, and it is up to six times warmer than traditional sheep's wool. And it's soft. Unimaginably soft.

How our alpaca wool is processed

Our garments are hand-crafted in the Andes mountain ranges, in Peru. Our wool, from local alpacas, is 100% natural. To produce a perfect fabric, we combine the wool of baby and adult alpacas.

The alpaca wool used to make our garments is processed in the following stages:

  •     Shearing of the fleece
  •     Cleaning of the wool fibres - removal of blades of grass and hay, which are the alpaca’s main foods
  •     Washing the wool
  •     Dyeing - a completely ecological process, using colours obtained solely from natural substances
  •     Carding - Alpaca wool fibres are combed with a special brush so that they can be spun
  •     Spinning - to produce alpaca wool yarn
  •     Cutting and embroidery

We use only natural fabrics and materials

All garments in our winter clothing range are made of natural, 100% ecological alpaca wool. They are hand-crafted in the Peruvian Andes. We do not use chemicals, not even for the dyeing process, which uses natural colours derived from flowers, spices and roots typical of Peruvian vegetation in the Andes. The ceramic buttons are hand-painted by local craftspeople.

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Ecological, ethnic fashion, as unique as the nature in Peru

Our fashion is unique, just like the wonderful Andean landscapes in Peru. Our clothing is not an industrial product, but entirely hand-crafted and ethnic. These limited-edition products are one of a kind. No item of clothing, whether a skirt, men's sweater, poncho or dress, is quite like any other.

For over 25 years, we have been spending between four and six months in Peru every year. Our children grew up alongside the local people, playing with the children of Peruvian weavers in the Andean meadows. We have a close and genuine bond with this land. Peru has become our second home. The ethnic style of our natural and ecological fashion is what makes our e-commerce shop unique. It reflects our history, our passion for Peru. A unique land. 

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