Alpaca Jumpers

Alpaca jumpers men

Alpaca Jumpers

Alpaca Jumpers for men are another of our specialties. In our catalog you will find a wide selection of models of alpaca jumpers men, all sweaters made from only 100%alpaca wool.

Knitted sweater for men

Our plain knit alpaca jumpers men are perfect for indoor use or the fall season. Double-knit alpaca wool sweaters are perfect for colder days. LaMamita's knitted alpaca jumpers are warm and soft and are made exclusively from natural fibers.

Choosing natural fibers is the best choice for sustainable fashion

Men alpaca sweater

In our winter collection for men you will find alpaca jumpers that suit every occasion. Our alpaca pullover mens are designed to be comfortable and fit perfectly with any clothing you have. Perfect your look, choose a scarf, a hat and a nice pair of gloves to wear with your alpaca sweater.