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Cashmere clothing for men


Cashmere is a precious natural textile fiber, of animal origin, obtained from the under-fleece of a particular species of goat: the Hircus goat native to Kashmir, a territory located between Pakistan, India and China.
This goat lives among the mountainous regions of Asia where the harsh climate and the strong temperature ranges cause this animal to create two types of hair: an outer thicker and water repellent and an internal one, or undercoat, extremely fine and soft endowed with of great insulating power.
The latter is spontaneously lost by the goat each spring. It is then that the shepherds first cut the outer coat, then carefully comb this layer of fluff with special long-toothed brushes, without bothering the animal in any way, and pick it up to create this enchanting yarn.
Each goat produces only 100 to 200 grams of combing raw material, compared to a sheep that produces about 5 kg of shearing wool. The poor yield combined with the excellent characteristics of this yarn, is the reason for the high quality of cashmere.


  • Extreme softness: to the touch with the skin it is soft, delicate and smooth, like few tissues can be and does not create any kind of nuisance or itching.
  • Thermoregulator: thanks to the inaccessible habitat of origin, this yarn has an insulating property 10 times higher than sheep's wool, which makes it perfect for harsher climates but also suitable for the warm season.
  • Breathability: thanks to its hygroscopicity, it has the ability to absorb sweat and disperse it in the environment.
  • Antistatic: by not attracting magnetic fields to itself, it prevents dust from approaching, guaranteeing maximum hygiene and does not electrify the hair, so as not to mess up the hairstyle.

We at LaMamita work only with high quality cashmere, from Mongolia, one of the countries of production of the best cashmere in the world and worked it in Nepal where they have a long tradition and a great ability to work this delicate and precious yarn.
We at LaMamita care a lot about fair trade and sustainable work and respect for animals, which is why we take care personally to verify that at every stage of production no exploitation or maltreatment occurs.

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