Wool skirts

Wool skirts - Women winter clothing, shop online by LaMamita

Long, short or mini wool skirts: a style for every woman!

LaMamita took into consideration the skirt, an indispensable item of clothing for every woman. A skirt gives a touch of femininity and sweetness to the woman who wears it. To face the winter cold without having to give up this splendid garment, LaMamita has studied and created warm and comfortable alpaca wool skirts. In the catalog dedicated to winter skirts, you will find short and long wool skirts; each skirt has its own unmistakable style and is one of a kind.

Choose an alpaca wool skirt and complete the look

Do you like short knit skirts but don't want to be cold when you go out in the middle of winter for a walk? Don't worry, access our collection of legwarmers, you can buy long woolen legwarmers that, combined with your skirt, will keep you warm even on the coldest days.

Are you looking for an out of the ordinary wool skirt?

Our stylists have thought of the wool skirt, combining it with current women's fashion, in a new light. In the catalog you will find available alpaca wool skirts that go beyond your expectations.

Double face skirt: two different styles in one skirt!

Do you like ethnic skirts but would also like a plain color skirt? No sooner said than done, we have created for you a unique and rare model: a double face wool skirt! Solid color on one side and ethnic on the other, what do you look for better?


Double-use wool skirts

Finally, to amaze you, you will find in the catalog double-use wool skirts! You can wear your warm and comfortable wool skirt both as a skirt and as a shrug:


An alpaca sweater for each skirt

Wearing a skirt is simple, but enhancing it in the right way is a little more complicated! Don't worry, look at our sweater catalog and you will find a perfect sweater for your skirt.


Alpaca wool skirts: elegant, sporty, ethnic and classic at the same time!

Choose a knitted backpack or ethnic backpack to match your ethnic backpacks skirt

Ethnic backpacks