Gipsy style clothing for women, men and children

Gipsy clothes

The gipsy style is another timeless style. Invariably, every year, the gypsy mood continues to amaze with its boho-chic charm and its friendly cheerfulness. This gypsy style is perfect for going to outdoor concerts, for evenings by the sea, for country-chic weddings. The gypsy trend is also brilliant in the streets of the city, on summer days.

How to create a gipsy look:

The main items of clothing of the Gipsy style are:

  • dresses, light and colorful, preferably long
  • lace top
  • harem trousers
  • jewels decorated with colored stones and beads

Accessories for the gypsy style must have bright colors: 

  • sandals in leather and colored fabric  
  • bags in ethnic style

always with bright colors, they are perfect and give the final touch to the Gipsy look.

Ethnic fabrics are the protagonist of the gypsy chic style

The ideal fabrics for making gypsy clothing are ethnic-style fabrics, with patterns ranging from floral to geometric. The most popular processes for this style are crochet and embroidery. Fringes, feathers, flounces are perfect for giving a nomadic air on the subway.

What does gipsy look mean?

The gipsy look is, in reality, a vintage ethnic style revised and mixed with the bohemian style and the hippie style. A style that ultimately recalls many different cultures. The gypsy style is one of the trends that rode the wave of the youth riots of 1968.

Mood gipsy, how to dress gypsy

The gypsy mood, colorful and cheerful, is a perfect mix of folk and gypsy clothes. It is a style that creates an impactful outfit!

Dressing up gipsy: some tips to create your gypsy look

The first thing to create a splendid and original gypsy-style look is long and wide skirts, possibly with flounces. Flat sandals, preferably with slave lacing or straw wedges. The colored and crochet tops, long or short, possibly with bare shoulders. Vests are perfect, with or without buttons, but a brightly colored maxi blouse is the top of this look.

Colorful ethnic bags are always perfect to enrich a gypsy style look

Large bags or small bags with shoulder straps, in bright colors, possibly with a mix of colors, can be easily defined as gypsy bags!

Scarves with long fringes are perfect accessories to give an extra decorative touch to a gipsy bag. Around the hair, a colorful bandana will look great to complete your gypsy look.

Gypsy-style jewels or if you prefer the term, gypsy jewels

The jewels are one of the key points, adorn the wrists with bracelets, possibly colored and in quantity. Gypsy necklaces are long, colorful and very ethnic, preferably made with painted ceramic beads and finished with semi-precious stones.

An extra gypsy touch? Certainly the missing touch refines your face:

Gypsy earrings

Earrings created exclusively with natural materials. You will also find games of fragrant earrings and necklaces, created with dried orange peel with a floral pattern, perfect for your gypsy style look!

Look at the Camellia scented necklace

Gypsy-style clothing for winter?

The winter season is long and for those who do not want to give up a gypsy look even during the cold season, the LaMamita stylists have created the winter gypsy look!
In the catalog dedicated to 100% alpaca wool ethnic winter clothing, you will find beautiful long skirts with flounces to combine with short alpaca cardigans and gypsy-style coats complete with hoods.

Gipsy in winter

Scarves cannot be missing to complete this original look. As for the ethnic style and the hippie style, scarves cannot be missing from the gypsy look! For wool scarves, the choice obviously falls on preferably triangular scarves, decorated with colored ball fringes, crocheted.

look at this beautiful triangular alpaca scarf

Fantasy and Gipsy look go hand in hand!

The gipsy style is a completely free and imaginative style. Give space to your imagination, create your gypsy style as you prefer!