Alpaca clothing for kids

Wearing Child's Autumn Clothing

Alpaca wool kids winter clothing

The natural warmth that protects children from freezing and cold in winter and at the same time brightens the play atmosphere with colorful patterns and fun ornaments. The best quality natural alpaca, for boys and girls of all ages. Finely crafted dungarees for babies, warm alpaca wool skirts for girls and wool sweaters with ethnic motifs for lively boys. Children can play and romp outdoors even in the colder seasons, with the benefits of our natural baby clothes made of pure alpaca wool. Frost and cold become an everyday pleasure with natural wool children's fashion. Our children's fashion comes from sustainable production, is handcrafted in the Peruvian Andes using the traditional method.

Natural vegetable coloring

Our wool is worked and colored on an absolutely natural basis. Our children's fashion for fall / winter is dyed exclusively with plant and root extracts. It does not contain chemical additives or synthetic fibers. This means that our ethnic fashion can be worn directly on the skin by children and does not cause allergies or skin irritation, as is often the case with synthetic fabrics. With our natural fashion you can offer your child natural, all-round protection from cold and frost, from birth to school age.

Growing up wearing alpaca wool

Cover them well and leave them free to play outdoors, in full freedom of movement, which children need to grow. Our winter fashion for kids is made with pure natural alpaca wool. The wool we use is of the highest quality because it is obtained from the shearing of animals raised in their place of origin, the Peruvian Andes, and is many times warmer than our common sheep's wool. This precious natural yarn is gentle on the skin, does not irritate and is soft. Our garments are designed to be comfortable to wear. Alpaca wool is very resistant and easy to maintain, you can easily wash it at home. Everything that helps children grow naturally is carefully handcrafted in our children's winter fashion.