High neck poncho

High neck poncho of alpava wool

The high neck poncho 100% alpaca wool

LaMamita has specialized in creating alpaca poncho models with similar but very different characteristics. In this part of the catalog, you will find different models of high neck ponchos.

Elegant ponchos

The alpaca poncho as well as being a sportswear item, is also an elegant item of clothing. An elegant poncho can be made such by a beautiful crochet finish or by an ethnic style design with skilfully combined colors. Wearing a stylish poncho to go to a party or for a walk around town in the company of friends or family is always nice of every woman.

Alpaca Poncho with sleeves, sporty and comfortable

For those who want the maximum originality even in the classic poncho, LaMamita offers Poncho with sleeves! What more can you ask for from a wool poncho? Only that it is warm, soft, in tune with the environment that surrounds us, or that it is an alpaca poncho, the best wool on the market: a poncho signed by LaMamita®.

The wool poncho comes from a cut blanket

Have you ever thought about how the first poncho was born? Well, the first wool poncho was born by making an incision in the middle of a wool blanket: here is the V-neck poncho. Having said that, since then, the poncho has certainly undergone many improvements and today, it is not enough. a blanket to make a poncho! Many famous designers have worked alongside this garment and the LaMamita stylists have created truly wonderful and original alpaca ponchos for women, men and children.

The poncho is a unisex garment, but in the LaMamita catalog, you will also find exclusively female ponchos

Do you want to give a alpaca poncho to a man?

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