Hippie chic clothing for women, men and kids

Wearing hippie

The Hippie or Hippy movement germinated between the 60s and 70s in America, then spread throughout the world. It was born as an ideology of life and quickly influenced not only society but also music, culture and fashion!


The greatest manifestation of the emergence of this movement took place from 15 to 18 August 1969, in Bethel, a small rural town in the state of New York - United States, with the celebration of the unforgettable Woodstock concert. It was at the height of the spread of hippie culture.


The way to dress was the best way to be able to express yourself and assert yourself; ethnic hippie fashion was created to best represent the ideals behind this revolution, namely absolute freedom, peace and free love. So hippie fashion is fashion created to think outside the box and against the restrictions of the bourgeoisie. At the time, therefore, it was a poor and carefree fashion that above all attached importance to comfort and relaxation.
This magnificent evergreen style after reaching its peak and making the 70s fashion, revisited, is back in fashion, thanks to several designers and still with us. Today it still represents the ideal style for those who want to express themselves, as the real "Flower Children" did at the time, in the increasingly current concept of freedom, of returning to nature: the flower power, the most beautiful peace symbol!


This 70s style , is a very well-established style that evolved over time e , modernized e to make has and mixed with other emerging around new and numerous styles. One of them is the HIPPY CHICK style, which is reminiscent of hippie clothes , but with a more elegant charm. There are many similarities between this style of clothing and the boho chic style that has been very en vogue in recent years.


To dress as a hippie, a woman has to start over: Make-up : rather a simple make-up or even better, to stay without make-up , in order to stay true to the revolutionary idea of freedom from which this style grows.

Let's move on to expressing ourselves through hippie clothing, which is very common, especially among women:

  • Long gypsy-style skirts are the basis of a hippie look , but you can vary it by changing
  • long wide pants
  • Flared Jean s or
  • comfortable shorts

Hippy dresses prefer, as already mentioned, simple and comfortable cuts, therefore, to recreate the 70s hippie fashion the best are the fabulous tunic dresses

Look at the beautiful colors of the Magda dress


Men have also discovered this trend in clothing, which represents a lifestyle. For perfect hippie men's clothing you only need a few characteristic elements such as:

  • large trousers
  • man shorts

both in bright colors combined with 

  • short-sleeved shirts for men with a simple but always colorful look.

The perfect way to create a hippie look is using one 

  • sleeveless sweatshirt  

or an

  • classic vest 

To be worn over other items of clothing or bare-breasted, ideal to convey the touch of relaxation typical of the "flower child" look. To accent the style, you can leave your beard untrimmed.


Now let's analyze the hairstyle: Long hair is another icon of the hippie style, for both women and men; Hair worn open or tied with one or more braids are the expression of this beautiful style. Inevitably, in the hair, the typical hippie headband that we now call the bandana.
To be perfect, the hippie outfit needs some accessories. In addition to the headband already mentioned, there are other hippie accessories:

  • ethnic bags
  • colored backpacks
  • dangling earrings
  • Pearl bracelets also on the ankles
  • Long and short necklaces that overlap each other.

The use of "improvised belts" is permitted and recommended:

  • Belts made from ethnic fabrics 
  • pearl belt
  • colored fabric ribbons

The shoes put the finishing touches! Prefers sandals or moccasins and whenever possible, go barefoot!

The hippie style is a perfect style for summer. With its colors and its expression of freedom and positivity, it goes perfectly with the holidays, free from thoughts and duties. Today, with the decisive rise of this style, the fashion world offers the joy of dressing hippie-like in everyday life by adding hippie-style clothes for winter to summer dresses.


  • Discover the winter collection with hippie appeal that the stylists at LaMamita have studied to live in freedom even in the winter season. First and foremost is the classic PONCHO, which is given absolute importance in completing this style. We can define the poncho in both summer and winter, an icon of hippie fashion. 
    In winter there is also a place for clothes in hippie style
    the long coat
  • the sweater
  • the cardigan
  • long and short wool skirts 
  • simply cut hippie winter dresses

Patterns with multicolored geometric or floral motifs, wickerwork together with details such as fringes and pompoms are the main features to create a perfect winter hippie style.