Ethnic Chic Style

Ethnic fashion online

Ethnic clothing recalls the traditional costumes of mainly non-European peoples, such as South America, Asia and Africa. The typical clothing of these beautiful countries has a strong personality, representing the country itself, its origins and its culture. Made of natural fabrics, very often in bright colors, this clothing is embellished with geometric designs and handmade embroidery.

Ethnic clothing of excellent quality, made with natural materials

These traditional ethnic dresses, due to their uniqueness, have inspired and influenced the world of fashion, giving life to ethnic-style clothing that can be worn on all occasions. A perfect vacation clothing style but also suitable for everyday life in the city.
Since their first trip to South America in 1980, the founders of the Italian clothing company LaMamita were fascinated not only by the splendid landscape, by the indigenous culture and population, by the splendid ethnic style of clothes of those peoples and by their ability to create ethnic sweaters, skirts, dresses, ponchos and an infinity of such special and unique accessories. From that trip, the idea was born in them of creating ethnic clothing to be offered to the European population. Since then they have traveled and collaborated with local artisans to create unique pieces of excellent quality and craftsmanship and made with natural materials.

Origins of ethnic fashion by "LAMAMITA"

Traveling between Peru, Guatemala, Mexico, Colombia and many other countries of South America among suggestive landscapes and wonderful cultures, we discovered the beauty of typical natural materials such as the precious alpaca wool of Peru and the natural cotton of Guatemala with its bright colors. . These excellent materials have become and still are the basis of our clothing collections. Over the years, the lure of travel meant that we didn't stop only in South America and pushed us to Asia. In particular in Indonesia, India and Nepal where, in addition to having known and appreciated different traditions and cultures, we have found typical natural materials that have inspired us once again thanks to their innumerable qualities: the softness of precious cashmere, the lightness of natural cotton and the versatility of hemp fabric. We have thus enriched our collections of ethnic clothing, remaining faithful to the idea of ​​fair trade and respect for nature, two fundamental principles of our company.

Special accessories for a perfect ethnic style

In LaMamita clothing, the reference to ethnic style is often present but, to complete a perfect ethnic outfit and make it unique, accessories, both for summer and winter, are indispensable. To create an ethnic look you can give free space to the imagination, forgetting the minimal concept, combining different ethnic accessories.

Main ethnic accessories to complete your look

  • Ethnic style handcrafted jewelry made with natural materials: coconut, stones, shells, seeds, metal, silver, horn, ceramic beads, ethnic fabric.
  • Colorful particular scarves tied to the bag to give it an ethnic chic touch
  • Ethnic bags with their splendid natural fabrics, with or without leather inserts
  • Ethnic backpacks for those who prefer the backpack to the bag
  • Preferably leather sandals or shoes
  • Handcrafted ethnic belts
  • Hats with ears
  • French beret
  • Fingerless gloves
  • Long legwarmers in alpaca wool with ethnic designs, which are ideal in winter when it is more complicated to complete the ethnic look

Ethnic furniture for your home

Even the ethnic-style furniture is based on the characteristics of the cultures and traditions of various peoples. Ethnic furnishing accessories, albeit from different cultures, can wonderfully combine with each other in the same room and create a lively, cheerful and relaxing as well as refined environment!

How can you furnish an ethnic style home?

Let's imagine being on vacation in South America, on a beach of the beautiful Caribbean sea, lying in a colorful hammock in the shade of a palm tree! Just hang one in our ethnic style living room or in our small and comfortable garden, to recreate the wonderful feeling of relaxation.
Now let's fly with the imagination to Asia and imagine those splendid and welcoming Indian living rooms with their colors and their pomp. Full of typical carpets and low sofas where you can sit in company to chat, eat, play or listen to music and have fun.
So to create an ethnic bedroom or a modern ethnic style living room the fundamental elements are:

  • Sofas and beds enriched with comfortable and colorful ethnic cushions
  • Blankets with ethnic embroidery enriched with fringes or flounces
  • A hammock to hang wherever you like
  • Ethnic carpets
  • An ethnic mirror or a painting

Add ethnic furnishing accessories to your liking, leaving free space for the imagination and you will have a surprising and original result!
In a nutshell, to create an ethnic furniture it is enough to know distant countries and their typical characteristics, bring them back with our taste to the rooms of our home and that's it.