Features of Alpaca's wool

Alpacas belongs to the family of SouthAmerican Camels. They are from Ande's mountain where they are breeded by campesinos, at high altitudes.

Their wool is widely known thanks to its thermic feature and its particular brightness and softness which augments more and more when the animal lives at higher altitudes, like 4.000-5.000 metres. For this reason our firm has decided to buy aplaca's wool directly from its birthplace.

Fashion houses all over the world, request alpaca's wool and the 90% of its production is made in Perù. But the quantity of this product is lower compared to others kind of wool and for this reason and for the high price it is rarely used at its pure state. Our firm can bring to your home an exclusive product in 100% pure alpaca thanks to its family management, its limited production, its direct negotiations with cattlemen and creaftsmen and its direct import. Moreover prices are extremely cheap compared to the quality we offer to you.

Everything we create alpaca clothing , such as ponchos, sweaters, cardigans, pullovers, skirts and dresses, reflects all the different requests of our customers. You can find a plain-colour alpaca sweater, alpaca cardigan or alpaca pullover, an alpaca sweater, an alpaca cardigan or an alpaca pullover with an ethnic taste or a modern alpaca sweater, alpaca cardigan or alpaca pullover; a big sweater, cardigan or pullover or a small sweater, cardigan or pullover, a long sweater, cardigan or pullover or a short sweater, cardigan or pullover.

Our traditional alpaca dresses reflect an elegant taste; long alpaca dress and short alpaca dress; alpaca dresses that softly wrap your body following the lines of your curves or alpaca dresses that gently lean on your body. Our alpaca skirts are made to be wore at any occasions and at any age; alpaca mini-skirt for the youngest, elegant alpaca skirt for special occasions and everyday alpaca skirt, padded alpaca skirt or plain colour ones.

 We cannot forget our alpaca poncho which has been following us since ever. Traditional alpaca ponchos which can be modern alpaca poncho at the same time. Alpaca poncho wraps you sliding softly from your shoulders. Alpaca poncho can be plain and sober for the request of modern girls or it can have comfortable sleeves for people who desire the freedom of an alpaca sweater or alpaca cardigan or alpaca pullover with the hug of a pure alpaca poncho.

Clothing in alpaca wool

The colouring of our alpaca is a vegetable one so the colours could have some variations, due to the natural manufactirung indeed. The choice of the colour refers to the principal background colour. Each combination of pattern or embroidery differs depending on the predilection of the craftsman who creates it.

Our sizes have a great adaptiveness because alpaca is a very flexible material. It is joined with a craft manufacturing which let the item adapt to the shapes of your body, without leaving its original shape. For this reason you will not find difficulties to choose your size. Moreover our items do not modify thanks to their quality.