Alpaca Cardigans

Alpaca cardigans for women

Women's winter cardigan: Women's 100% alpaca wool cardigan

At LaMamita, we consider alpaca cardigans to be essential for both fall and winter. Women's cardigans are one of our specialties and our collection of alpaca wool cardigans features a wide range of ethnic patterns, colors and patterns. Plain yarn alpaca wool cardigans are perfect for milder climates or indoors. While double-ply alpaca cardigans are perfect for colder days. Our cardigans are all handmade.

LaMamita's knitted cardigans are warm and perfect for autumn and winter weather.

In our collection of wool cardigans you will find perfect models for any occasion. We have solid color wool cardigans and geometric wool cardigans with ethnic motifs that recall the Peruvian style.

All our cardigans are in 100% alpaca, each model is designed to be perfect and comfortable and can be combined with any garment you have. If you prefer to combine one of our cardigans with a skirt or trousers of the same style, you can look at the other winter women's collections. If you have children you can also look at the children's wool clothing collection that LaMamita dedicates to the little ones.

Our cardigans are made from natural materials and can be considered as organic clothing products.

Our alpaca wool clothing is hypoallergenic because alpaca does not contain lanolin which is the cause of the main allergies.

Follow our washing instructions for your cardigan and it will last you forever. In the warm months during which you will not be able to use your beautiful cardigan, we recommend that you keep it with anti-moth products, possibly natural.

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You will make a welcome and high quality gift.