Peru: Alpaca and Colours

How to dye wool naturally

Watch our videos and discover everything about alpaca wool and how it is washed and coloured in a natural way.
Natural soap: a grated root washes and naturally bleaches the alpaca wool.
Curiosity: this natural soap, used as a shampoo, removes yellow to white hair.

Good vision!

Wool spinning

Peru - Rustic alpaca wool - How to weave alpaca wool manually: a sweet granny shows an ancient craft that has remained unchanged over time!

Alpaca and LaMamita

Alpaca, a strong and generous animal perfectly connected to its natural environment, the Andean Altiplano

Natural Soap

Peru presents how to wash wool in a completely natural way: from the plant world, the Natural Soap

Alpaca and plant colours

Do you want to know which are the plants of Peru used for the vegetable coloring of alpaca wool? Watch the video we have prepared for you and you will discover the main plants and natural colors that they offer.