Ethnic bags

Peruvian ethnic bags

Handmade artisan bags

The bag is an essential accessory for every woman! Whether it's a bag or backpack, large or clutch bag, it doesn't matter! The bag gives a unique touch to your look, for this reason, LAMAMITA has carefully chosen handcrafted ethnic bags and backpacks. All unique pieces finished with care:

  • Fabric bags
  • Knitted bags

Peruvian bags in ethnic style

Ethnic bags and backpacks handmade in Peru. An unmistakable ethnic style to give your look a touch of class. 

What do I put in my beautiful bag or my ethnic backpack?

Choose carefully the accessories to put in your bag, take a look at the ethnic style wallets.

ethnic wallets

Bunch of keys in an ethnic-style purse? 

Ladies, let's choose a nice keychain with style to brighten up the bunch of keys we put in the bag!

ethnic keychains