Green summer fashion in organic cotton

Our summer clothing is environmentally friendly and made of organic cotton grown in Guatemala. Moreover, all our garments are hand-packaged. All clothing sold on "La Mamita" is made of organic fabrics processed in a way that respects the environment and nature, and is also hand-crafted.

Ethnic fabrics

The characteristic ethnic style of our ecological and natural fashion shop originates in an ancient weaving technique, called "Jaspe", already widespread when the Maya ruled Guatemala. We arrived in Guatemala in the early 80s, we were fascinated by the thousand colors that characterize this splendid nation and by the climate: Guatemala is the country of eternal spring, a spectacle of nature!

Summer fashion in Peruvian cotton: Modal cotton

In addition to organic cotton clothing, we also supply summer clothing in modal. Our modal clothing is produced in Peru.

Difference between modal and cotton

Modal is composed of fibres made by processing cellulose, so it is a totally natural material. Modal clothing is very similar to cotton clothing, differing mainly in the following characteristics:

  • Modal is stronger than cotton
  • Modal is normally lighter and easier to process than cotton
  • Modal can be washed at up to 60° and it can always be dried in a tumble dryer

With this type of cotton, the best in the world, a bohemian style clothing line is born

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