Knit alpaka dresses

Knit longsleeves dresses of Alpaka

Long-sleeved dresses in alpaca wool

Long-sleeved wool dresses have always been a privilege of those who had a mother or grandmother who will knit. LaMamita brings this privilege into every woman's home. Wool dresses are a trend of the 70s, but always current and trendy. Alpaca wool dresses are warm, soft and always trendy.

LaMamita long-sleeved dresses: long winter dresses and short winter dresses for all ages

The way we dress allows us to express ourselves, to show our tastes and our thoughts. An alpaca wool dress, as well as being beautiful and original, being created with natural fibers, shows everyone around us our respect for nature and for the future of our children. Wearing an alpaca wool dress is following a green ethic. The winter dress you buy today will follow you for years, leaving the disposable fashion behind you. Long-sleeved dresses are perfect for any age and any occasion.

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If you prefer a long wool dress, you can combine it with a pretty beret in alpaca wool  look women's berets

To complete the look, choose a beautiful alpaca shawl  look alpaca wool shawls

Among the LaMamita accessories, you will also find beautiful wool bags or fabric bags, always trendy!

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