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Alpaca yarn for crochet

Discover LAMAMITA yarns online, balls of baby alpaca wool. Online sale of baby alpaca yarns of the best quality on the market. Buying 100% alpaca yarn online on the LaMamita website is simple. Choose now your ball of wool in your favorite color and receive it at home in just 24 hours (working days). Buying alpaca wool online is easy and fun. With baby alpaca sweater wool, you can make your own soft and warm wool sweater. The result will be amazing.

Baby alpaca yarn

Very soft and warm wool skeins, suitable for knitting and creating alpaca sweaters, scarves, alpaca hats, alpaca gloves, knitted shawls, stoles, socks, knitted ponchos and many other projects. Choose the quality of LAMAMITA fine yarns, wool balls for sale online. In the shop you will find balls of alpaca wool in various shades of natural colors and many balls of colored wool with colors derived from herbs. If you are looking for wool for scarves, here you will find yarns with spectacular colors, whose softness will leave you amazed.


Wool balls online sale in the LAMAMITA shop, specialized in 100% alpaca and baby alpaca wool clothing. Knitting is also and above all the search for the right yarn that makes your work unique and special. When you are looking for wool for sale online to make your knitting, also choose the quality of 100% natural fine yarns.


Our balls of wool are of superior quality. The baby alpaca wool comes directly from Peru, from free-grown alpaca farms in the Peruvian Andes, their place of origin. For this reason, our alpaca wool is the best you will find on the market.

Choose natural yarns for your knitting or crochet: the best quality of balls of alpaca.