Boho chic dresses

Boho chic clothes

In boho chic clothing, different styles coexist. Boho is nothing more than short for bohemian. The boho chic style is the style of those who love Vintage, solid colors, not too showy colors, solid colors.

The characteristics of boho chic style clothing are the decorations, laces, ribbons that are inevitable in boho chic dresses.
In the LAMAMITA catalog you can choose the model of boho style dress you prefer, made of 100% Pima cotton, the cotton par excellence.
For your summer, choose between long dresses or short dresses in pure cotton, made with respect for the person and for nature.

Bohemian clothing how to create it

On our boho style page, you will find information on how to create the perfect bohemian style look. Read and customize your style

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