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  • silk scarf
  • silk scarf
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silk scarf

Pashmina's cotton and silk scarf from Peru. Softness cotton and silk scarfs for summer and winter, for all women who like soft and beautifull shawl pashminas. LaMamita store has a beautiful collection of pashminas made Peru with the best and fine cotton-silk fabrics, our pashminas are also the most soft and delicate, they are right for every occasion.

  • handmade in Peru
  • 45% silk - 55% cotton
  • LaMamita ®
  • cm 180 x 68
  • machine washable 30°

Look at size info and choose the perfect size for you:

Info size


  • WASH ITin the washing machine with the program for coloured items, only cold ( items made in Peru max.40° )
  • DO the normal drying cycle.
  • DO not lay at the sun.
  • DO iron as usual


  • HANDWASHonly in cold water;
  • NOT to leave in soaking
  • TO CENTRIFUGE normally in washing machine
  • DO NOTlay at the sun.
  • DO iron as usual

One size - € 28.00

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