Hippie chic bag

  • Hippie chic bag - Marion
  • Hippie chic bag - Marion
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Hippie chic bag - Marion

Chic hippie bag in the shape of a trunk. A loom-made wool fabric bag. With zip closure, this hippie bag in bright colors, has a convenient external pocket. The bag is finished with two comfortable and soft shoulder straps. The measurements of this ethnic bag are shown in the size info sheet, click to view them. Each bag is unique, choose the fabric of the colors you like best; by clicking on the selection box, you will see the corresponding bag in the main image. Create your own style by combining the bag of your choice with related items. You can carry this bag with plain or colored clothing, choose the one you prefer from our models and combine it with your bag.

  • handmade in Peru
  • 100% wool
  • Fabric made with hand loom
  • measures: A 34 - B 15 - C 15 - D 78 cm.
  • Hippie chic bag
  • dry clean

Look at size info and choose the perfect size for you:

Info size


  • WASH ITin the washing machine with the program for coloured items, only cold ( items made in Peru max.40° )
  • DO the normal drying cycle.
  • DO not lay at the sun.
  • DO iron as usual


  • HANDWASHonly in cold water;
  • NOT to leave in soaking
  • TO CENTRIFUGE normally in washing machine
  • DO NOTlay at the sun.
  • DO iron as usual

One size - € 46.00

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