Alpaca dog sweater

  • Dog alpaca wool sweater - Lucky
  • Dog alpaca wool sweater - Lucky
  • Maglioncino cani - Lucky.jpg
  • Maglioncino cani invernale - Lucky.jpg
  • Alpaka Hundepullover Lucky cod.2.jpg
  • Pull en laine pour chien - Lucky cod.3.jpg
  • Hundekleidung - Lucky cod.4.jpg
  • Dog alpaca wool sweater - Lucky cod.5.jpg
  • hunde Wollpullover - Lucky cod.6.jpg
  • Maglione cani - Lucky cod.7.jpg
  • pull chien -Lucky cod.8.jpg
  • suéter para perro - Lucky cod.9.jpg
  • Maglioncino per cani - Lucky cod.10.jpg
  • Dog wool sweater - Lucky cod.11.jpg
  • jersey perro - Lucky cod.12.jpg
  • Jersey para perro en lana - Lucky cod.13.jpg
  • Maglioncino per cani lana - Lucky cod.14.jpg
  • Pull pour chien - Lucky cod.15.jpg
  • Pull en alpaga pour chien - Lucky cod.1.jpg
  • Maglioncino per cani alpaca - Lucky cod.16.jpg
  • Hundepullover - Lucky cod.17.jpg
  • Jersey perro - Lucky cod.18.jpg

Dog wool sweater - Lucky

Dog sweater made of 100% alpaca wool, a soft and warm natural yarn. Practical and comfortable to wear. Ideal for naturally warming your faithful friend on cold days. Are available in different measures and colors, choose the one that best suits your beloved pet. Choose the your preferred color by clicking on the squares of choice and you will see the enlarged image.

  • handmade in Peru
  • 100% alpaca wool
  • size: XXS - XS -S - M - L
  • machine washable (max 30°)
  • LaMamita ®

Look at size info and choose the perfect size for you:

Info size


  • YOU CAN WASH your item without any problems for the colour.
  • WASH IT in the washing machine with the wool programme, cold, max. 30°.
  • USE ONLY a few quantity of anti-felting washing powder for wool.
  • DO the delicate drying cycle.
  • SPREAD out far from hot sources.
  • DO NOT iron.
Shipping costs and delivery areas

Colour/Cloth ( Click or touch to choose your cloth ):

NOTE: Alpaca wool knit fabric is natural and warm, but remember that this dog wool sweater ISN'T chew-proof.

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