LaMamita ethnic skirts, a colours explosion in pure cotton!

  • Manù skirt
  • Manù skirt
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Manù mini skirt

Mine skirt with elastic waist. A fresh and cheerful skirt that you can wear every day. Look at LaMamita's tips for a perfect outfit!

  • handmade in Guatemala
  • 100% cotton
  • machine washable 0°
  • unique size
  • Fabric made with hand loom
  • LaMamita ®

Look at size info and choose the perfect size for you:

Info size


  • WASH ITin the washing machine with the program for coloured items, only cold ( items made in Peru max.40° )
  • DO the normal drying cycle.
  • DO not lay at the sun.
  • DO iron as usual


  • HANDWASHonly in cold water;
  • NOT to leave in soaking
  • TO CENTRIFUGE normally in washing machine
  • DO NOTlay at the sun.
  • DO iron as usual

Unique size - € 19.00

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